Research Objective

The MacHANd Group is committed to conducting high-quality research to advance health care. A common focus across studies is measuring and understanding the biologic, personal, work, and environmental factors that contribute to development of pain and disability in the hand and upper extremity, and identifying the most effective interventions to mitigate these problems.

Research Themes

Theme #1Clinical Research and Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) that focus on the hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, nerve, occupational disorders, articles/resources for EBP, systematic reviews, economic analyses, utilities, randomized controlled trials, and outcome measures.  Study designs include clinical trials and cohort studies. 

Theme #2Lab-based Research, including bench and animal studies, that focus on the hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, and nerve. 


Current Projects
  1. Pain
  2. Fractures
  3. Musculoskeletal Disability
  4. Quality of Life
  5. Outcome Measures
  6. Knowledge Transfer and Evidence-Based Practice

Recent Relevant Publications

(MacHANd Authors Bolded)


Bashardoust Tajali S, MacDermid JC, Grewal R, Young C: Reliability and Validity of Electro-Goniometric Range of Motion Measurements in Patients with Hand and Wrist Limitations. doi: 10.2174/1874325001610010190. Open Orthopaedics Journal. Jun 15;10:190-205, 2016.

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de Almeida PH, MacDermid JC, Pontes TB3, Dos Santos-Couto-Paz CC3, Matheus JP: Differences in orthotic design for thumb osteoarthritis and its impact on functional outcomes: A scoping review.  Prosthetics and Orthotics International. Epub Sep 9, 2016.

Degen RM, MacDermid JC, Grewal R, Drosdowech DS, Faber KJ, Athwal GS. Prevalence of Symptoms of Depression, Anxiety, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Workers With Upper Extremity Complaints. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. 2016 Jul;46(7):590-5.

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Associated Labs & Research Institutes

MacHAND (McMaster University Hand, Arm, Neck Disability) Lab

Michael G. DeGroote Institute for Pain Research and Care (McMaster University) 

Fahnestock Molecular Biology Lab (McMaster University)

Microsurgery Lab (St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton)

Batt Molecular Lab (University of Toronto)

Surgical Outcomes Resource Centre (SOURCE, McMaster University)


The MacHANd Group offers research opportunities for residents, fellows, medical students, occupational therapy students, physiotherapy students, and other health sciences students.

Students may develop their own projects or participate in existing research projects.
2015 HHS Video: MacHAND Lab student project under the supervision of Dr. Joy MacDermid.

2016 HHS Video: MacHAND Lab student project under the supervision of Dr. Joy MacDermid.

Please complete the MacHANd Student Internship Inquiry Form and e-mail it to Margaret Lomotan at

Current Trainees

Folarin Babatunde, PhD (candidate), School of Rehabilitation Science, McMaster University

Pranay Jindal, PhD (candidate), School of Rehabilitation Science, McMaster University

Mona Mathna, PhD (candidate), School of Rehabilitation Science, McMaster University

Past Trainees

Janice Cheung (BSc, 2010-2012), Currently: Physiotherapist, Clinical Practice

Neha Dewan (PhD, 2012-2016)

Nancy Durrant (MSc, 2012-2014), Currently: Program Coordinator, College of Physiotherapy

Marissa Constand (MSc, 2013-2014), Currently: Physiotherapist Trainee, McMaster University

Niyati Ghandi (MSc, 2008-2010), Currently: Physiotherapist, Clinical Practice

Eunice Fung (BSc, 2012-2013), Currently: Occupational Therapist Trainee, University of Toronto

Fatmah Hasani (MSc, 2013-2015)

Ze Lu (MSc, 2014-2016)

Saurabh Mehta (PhD, 2008-2012), Currently: Assistant Professor, Marshall University

Jordan Miller (PhD, 2012-2016), Currently: Assistant Professor, Queen's University

Saranya Nair (BSc, 2013-2014), Currently: MSc Trainee, University of Guelph

Goris Nazari (MSc, 2014-2016), Currently: PhD Trainee, Western University

Tara Packham (PhD, 2012-2016)

Jennifer Poon (BHSc, 2011-2012)

Jean-Sébastien Roy (Post-doctoral Fellow, 2008-2010), Currently: Assistant Professor, Université Laval

Kathryn Sinden (PhD, 2010-2014), Currently: Assistant Professor, Lakehead University

Kenneth Tang (Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2014-2016), Currently: Statistician, Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario

Hiten Thakker (MSc, 2013-2016)

Zakir Udin (PhD, 2011-2014), Currently: Faculty Member, University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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For research inquiries, please contact:

Margaret Lomotan, Research Coordinator


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